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Wolfiecraft, a Sandbox Spell-based RPG with randomly generated maps and many ways to get to your goal. The choices are in your hand in this sandbox.

This game was brought to you by Credible Steve. So, if you find any bugs, feel free to go report them there or on here.

Current Version (Alpha)
v2.0.0: Game can be enjoyed or hated for hours

Mobs: Bat, Wraith, Poison Bat, Mimic, Bee, Bunny, Flying Fish, Metal Bat, Seeker

Blood Moon Mobs: Zombie Bunny, Vampire Bat, Red Specter, Flying Bloodfish, Bloodthirsty Seeker

NPCs : Mysterious Being, Fisherman

Bosses: Giant Bat, Shadow Emperor, Mysterious Eye

Game Events: Blood Moon, Halloween

UI Features: Inventory, Shop, Coin Bank, Level System, Mob Hunting Milestones, Cooking System, Fishing System, Crafting System, Item Storage, Spell Quickslots, Food Quickslot, Drowning System, Building System, Waypoint System

Game Features: Expanding procedural generated map, chests to loot, upgradable stats/spells/totem,  spells,  spawn point setting, resource gathering, ranged attacks/weapons, crafting recipes to discover, trading with NPC, time/weather change

Installation Instructions

You will need both the Wolfiecraft.exe and Wolfiecraft.pck files to run the game.

If you are updating, you only need to replace the Wolfiecraft.pck file.

The StarterPack.pck and AdventurePack.pck are not required for full gameplay experience. These two .pck are only compatible with Version 1.9.9 or newer. More info can be found over at Devlog 1.9.9.

The CoresPack.pck is not required for full gameplay experience. This .pck is only compatible with Version 2.0.0 or newer. More info can be found over at Devlog 2.0.0.

All .pck files must be in same folder as Wolfiecraft.exe file for the game to run properly.

Do note that this game is still in active development, so gameplay may change.

This game may fall under the category of games with violent elements.

Note that in-game music may have adverse effects towards your psychological well-being. For your own safety, please turn off music in options located in the main menu. You have been warned.

Special thanks to Heartbeast's MIT licensed resources on Github
Thanks to Gonkee for MIT licensed  water shader effects.
Thanks to SoundBible for providing sound effects for the public domain. Thanks to PartnersInRhyme for providing royalty free background music.


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Wolfiecraft.exe 32 MB
Wolfiecraft.pck 79 MB
StarterPack.pck 15 kB
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AdventurePack.pck 16 kB
if you pay $3 USD or more
CoresPack.pck 16 kB
if you pay $5 USD or more

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